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AMC Questions Answered


There are two components to the Foundation exam Theory and Practical.  The Theory is a Multi Choice exam, and the practical is assessed by the assessor. You need to be able to identify common components and show understanding of the operating standards.

This link is a copy of the Practical Assessment checklist: https://www.amc.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/1319473/Practical_Assessment_Checklist_April_2020.pdf

and the chart is available here: https://www.amc.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/1319474/Practical_Assessment-Assessor_Picture_Chart_05032019.pdf

Radio and Electronics School You Tube videos for the Practical session are found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqhpTFijkeM

Practice exams are available on the WIA website at: https://www.wia.org.au/licenses/foundation/onlineexams/foundation.php


AR Victoria website for the Standard and the Advanced papers.


Note: if you are sitting the Standard OR Advanced and never done a Practical it is a further requirement (Not additional cost)

Radio and Electronics School You Tube videos for the Practical session are found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqhpTFijkeM


Because of recent changes only one format of callsign is available and it consists of the Letters VK representing Australia the number 4 for Queensland and then three more letters.

A list of available callsigns can be found on the AMC Website https://csdb.utas.edu.au/Callsign/SearchUnallocated and a sample search for any callsigns with A, T and K can be found on this link. (Note you need to select Advanced on the search due to the changes)

JOIN Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club SCARC

We would hope that all candidates join the Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club as we do not charge for the exam service and the fees are for AMC and ACMA, but this is not mandatory.

JOIN Wireless Institute of Australia WIA

You should also be aware that the WIA offer 12 months complimentary membership for new AOCP Holders If you receive an AOCP (Foundation, Standard or Advanced) and are not a member of the WIA you are eligible for a complimentary 1 year WIA membership.

If you are already a WIA member (now, or when you receive your qualification in the future) you are eligible to receive a 1 year membership extension or a $100 discount off a 5 year membership.

If this is you, or someone you know all that is needed is a completed WIA membership form and a copy of the relevant AOCP qualification showing the date of qualification email it to support@wia.org.au.

Trust we have answered your questions any more please send an email to vk4ts@wia.org.au