The Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, but has members in many other parts of Australia. The Club consists of a group of enthusiastic people intent on furthering the interests of Amateur Radio and electronics.

Want to learn more about Amateur Radio?
Interested in getting an Amateur Radio Licence?
As a number of experienced amateurs with advanced licences attend workshops, assistance can also be offered to hams studying for F call licence  or those who want to upgrade their current licence. Why not get skills in sending and receiving CW (morse code)? Amateurs who want to dust off their CW skills can be given tuition aiming for hands on “on air” QSOs.
How do I get an Amateur Radio Licence?
To get an Amateur Radio licence you will need to pass a theory test and a regulations test.  If you don’t already have the radio and electronics knowledge, you may need to read and study relevant information.  There are a number of options for this.  You can make use of the Ham Radio Theory course provided by SCARC (with special thanks to Tony, VK4KKY), or the club can provide a Foundation Manual (produced by the WIA) for a small cost.  Contact the secretary for more information.
SCARC Constructors Group
If you have any interest in electronics or constructing electronic or amateur projects, click here to follow their progress.  For further information contact the secretary.
Club Nets

During this Covid 19 shutdown, why not join us for our Good Morning net at 8:15am every morning or our Cabin Fever net at 11:00am every day on our 2m repeaters.

The next club meeting is to be held Tuesday 7th July at 7:30pm.  Numbers will be limited to 10 persons.  You can also join via Zoom.  To get the link or check attendance, contact the Secretary prior to the meeting.

Trial Outdoor Wednesday Opening – From the President:
We will open the club on Wednesday 8th July as a trial run and that everyone stays outside. Time will be from 10am to 2pm. All Coffee, tea, biscuits and soft drinks will be outside. A $2 sausage sizzle lunch will be provided. The only reason for anyone to go inside is to use the toilets. We will be restricted to 20 people (or the at the time Coivd19 restrictions) and it will also be weather permitting so listen to the good morning net on that Wednesday for any last minute changes.

So we can keep track of numbers, please get a ticket for the 8th July Open Day.  Click here ->  TICKETS